Enjoy your holidays! we did.

We came back from Marseilles a couple of days ago and had a super time. Marseilles is a really lovely place to visit with an outstanding amount of history. The beaches are so lovely, crowded though. 

We visited the MUCEN, the Isle of Frioul and the chuch Notre Dame de la Garde which overlooks the 2600 year old city. The vieux port is the perfect place to look at the world around you while sitting in one of the many restaurants or cafés.

The weather is fabulous if you enjoy hot days but even if you prefer cool temperatures the wind often blows a gentle breeze for confort but beware of sunburns. I chose to apply suncream protection 50 to make sure I did not look like a cooked lobster.

We got there by train and travelled in town by bus, tramway and undergrouns. I was impressed by the quality of their public transport and the cost was minimal, €10.80 for a 72 hours pass. We went everyway using the card.

It was great fun!

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