Promotion de fin d'année pour les collégiens et lycéens

Une remise à niveau de 5 heures à tarif réduit 
pour les adolescents qui veulent réussir 
leur apprentissage de l'anglais.


Verbes irréguliers à réviser n°7

Verbes irréguliers à réviser 
Liste n°7 / 11

To have -had - had - avoir
To hear - heard - heard - entendre
To keep - kept - kept - garder
To leave - left - left - quitter
To know - knew - known - savoir

Alors l'apprentissage se passe bien ?

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We have already studied the first two of Shelley Ann Vernon's skits. The children love the acting and we are working on adding more words to their vocabulary.

I am a optician, look!
No I am a basketball player!
And I am a film star!

I am a scientist!

St Albans - What to do in a day

I used to live in St Albans, I spend eight years around St Albans and Harpenden. This video brings a lot of memories. Now can you write a small text with the following words? Tourist information centre Staff Bustling market Market stalls gifts watermill shopping eating walk through

Verbes irréguliers à réviser n°6

Verbes irréguliers à réviser
Liste n° 06 / 11

To forget - forgot - forgotten - oublier
To forgive - forgave - forgiven - pardonner

To get - got - got - obtenir, recevoir
To give - gave - given - donner
To go - went - gone - aller

5 verbes de plus à réviser ou bien apprendre.

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Watch this lovely video and tell me, can you use the following words to write your own text describing a trip somewhere?

To seek
To taste
To belong
Fine wines
To shrug

Have fun!